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Roberto Ortiz
Senior Product Manager | Applications Delivery

More than 15 years of experience in information technology development and applications delivery. Extensive experience spanning management of complex IT projects, product strategy, technical requirements, market launch/delivery, customer support processes, compliance policy, vendor management, and on and off-shore team lead. Dynamic leader and team builder, consistently motivating personnel toward success. Equally capable at delving into product requirements and negotiating with engineers as presenting to executive-level customer decision-makers and industry analysts. By studying and working in different countries, and having a diversified work experience, I bring an equally diversified perspective one needs to take the most out of each new challenge and transform it in growth opportunity. 

3 ways I help companies achieve greater results:

Strategy alignment

I can help you ensure that everything your team is doing is contributing to the strategic objectives of your organisation. Every project or task will be properly prioritised and aligned to a key strategic indicator and that every strategic indicator will have a plan of action to be implemented, assessed and improved, ensuring efficient and effective delivery of capabilities to the employees and maximizing return on investment to the enterprise.

End to end processes

Regulations demand transparency, accurate information about company operations, robust and comprehensive risk management, regulatory compliance and efficient governance. As companies have become ever more complex, they have found it increasingly difficult to exercise control over decision-making around their organisation, taking unnecessary risks or making ill-judged choices that have damaged a business and its reputation. I can give you visibility into business operations, and help you to respond to opportunities or threats more quickly, and help you understand where value is created, lost and distributed.

Sustainable growth

By delivering software solutions that enable the customers to run their businesses more successfully, they will improve their competitive position, and in return, they will further invest in updates and upgrades. As a result, both my company and my client will generate a growing level of recurring revenues. Moreover, building a trustworthy relationship with customers, we develop a common vision of the growth opportunities and how the company should develop in the future, again, translating this vision into strategic and operational initiatives and create an appropriate incentive structure.




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